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Nasi Goreng USA

Bila Abah ke dapur....
We eat outside on the way back from ziarah last nite and Ammer pointed out Nasi Goreng USA on the menu. Since everyone spooned out from Ammers' plate and amazed by it taste, hubby tested it out in our kitchen tonite and the result is....ermmmm...not bad at all. So our new year eve dinner tonite is a simple Carrot Fried Rice with combination of Black Pepper Chicken in sauce, Steamed Chicken Frankfurter and fried eggs...Dash of mayonise and barbecue sauce topping up the frankfurter cut stand out different aroma from ordinary fried rice we usually have in the list. Half way eating we realised that salad and tomatoes are missing! No harm, those vaggies coming handy...He is a great cook especially for Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. No recipi reference as I did. He cook just like that after sampling the food! Through years we don't take turn cooking . The routing comes naturally when there is a kitchen call and highly dependently to our free hours. Som…

Wajik aka Pulut Kacau

450 g glutinous rice
500 g gula melaka / brown sugar
3 cups thick santan
2 pandan leaf

Soak rice for 2-3 hours. Steam until it's tenderly cooked.
Combine santan and gula melaka then simmer with pandan leaf until disolve.
Put in the glutinous rice and stir until sticky and lumpy.
Transfer to a wide pan and spread evenly. Cool off and cut into shapes you like.

Red Bean Jelly

a bouquet of sugar paste roses brought up the raya mood
20 g jelly strips
3 cups sugar
4 cups water
2 cups thick santan or milk
1 can red kidney beans
salt, pandan leaf, pink coloring
Soak jelly strips. When soften, boil with water and pandan leaf until desolve then add in sugar and continue boiling. Meanwhile, drain off the juice and use only the beans. Mash the beans then pour into the boiling jelly together with santan/milk . Stir and add in salt to taste. Put in few drop of pink coloring to bring up the color. When it starts to bubble, take out of fire and pour into your mold. Serve cold.

Fun Cakes Great Weekend

What a fun day we had! First thing first, great thanks to my beloved ,otherwise I would't have peace in my mind playing dough, color and icing for one full Sunday. I brought with me 3 cakes from new recipies that I baked a nite earlier and I came home with these...

Steam Choc Moist Cake in blue/white Whipping Cream coating Mocha Butter Cake in Butter Cream & orange roses Prune & Carrot Cake in pink Fondant ******************************************************************* Prune & CarrotCake
Original Recipi; Kek Kulus Keret from Kak Hanilieza's fotopages is a steaming method that I made it baked instead. 250 g butter
150 g castor sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
200 g carrot [grated and soaked in hot billing water for 3 mins, drained] 100g sliced prune
50 g sultanas
230 g all purpose floor
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoons serbuk kulit kayu manis

Preheat the oven.
Beat butter and sugar until creamy. Add in egg one at a time and beat well after each addition Drop in of van…

Sausage Rolled in Oats

Quick, easy and yummy. Almost every weekend I made it . Quite a lot...err..about 3 dozens and keep it refrigerated in a tight tupperware container. With 3 growing kids , at least I saved sometimes preparing a good nutricious breakfast. Usually they will take extra to school as friends like to share too.

10 sausage - cooked
10 slices of bread
2 cups oats
3 spoonful flour + water , mix to form a thick batter

Flattened bread. Roll in the sausage and glue at the edge with flour batter.
Brush the roll completely with batter to include both end. While batter is still sticky roll in oats to make it fully coated.
Dap in between both palm to compress the oats.
Deep fry in hot oil till browing. Cover with kithen towel to absorb excess oil.

Banana Soft Moist Cake

A relaxing evening with tea and a slice of it makes perfect match!

Ingredient A
250g butter
250g soft brown sugar
5 eggs

Ingredient B (sift together)
100g all purpose flour
150 g self raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

Ingredient C (blend well and keep aside in a covered bowl for 10 minutes)
260g ripe banana
1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate

Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy then add in eggs one by one. Beat well after each addition.
Later ain in ingredirmt B and C. Mix well
Put into 9 inches pan. Bake at 170C for 35-40 minutes

Fried Mee with Sesame Seed

I learned this recipi from a Korean friend. Definitely this is not of the original from her culture but as one I practiced cooking hands-on, and then enjoyed a great meal together with some new friends. That was then ...I don't like cooking. As time goes by a skill acquired as they said practice makes it perfect.

What had strike my memory with her today - I do not know but I should make this quick simple dish for dinner tonite! ...and post pics later....

(Serving for 5 with second helping)
600g yellow mee
1/2 cup sesame seed
2 tsb sesame oil
1/2 cup oil
5 garlic
1/2 cup water
4-5 soy sauce
2 camb sugar, salt

300 g prawn - shelled and cleaned
3 red chillies - deseed, slice thinly
3 stalk green union - cut appoximately 2 cm
2 tofu cake - dice
150 g mushroom - chop coarsely
1 red cupsicum - dice
1 celery stalk - dice

Fry sesame seed in a warm wok (without oil) until it turns yellowish - cool off aside. Pound lightly.
Mix both oil in a cup, put half of it in the pre-heated wok, saute the garlic then a…

Ketupat Pulut Hitam

I will go as far as needed to reach ketupat for Hari Raya.
For years I was taking easy way barter trading ketupat with kuih raya or chocolate cake with all my four sister-in-laws. No shortcut in making own ketupat. Tedious!

The challenging part is wrapping the half-cooked glutinous rice in cone of pre-opened palas palm leave and weaving it in a firm motion to make a triangle shape with a tie knot at the end. I would lost the skill if not faded out over the years.
So I told darling to get palas licuala from night market and I want to make my own ketupat. "He he ... ya ka?". That chicky exclamation burn-up my fire! See's not that bad after all for my first five pieces:).
I prefer the black ketupat for a different taste and a vibrant purple color. Like the white ketupat palas, it best eaten with rendang or serunding. For me eating it on it's own is a reward itself.

600g white glutinous rice
300g black glutinous rice
1 kg thick coconut milk (A)
1.5 kg dilutes coconu…

Kerabu Mangga

Kerabu Manga by my Mother

2 unripped mango( hard and yellowish inside )
3 spoonful dried shrimp-cleaned, fried withouy oil, pounded coarsely
4 spoonful grated coconut - white only
2-3 dried chilly ; deseed & fry without oil, pound coarsely
1/4 teaspoon shrimp paste ( belacan )
1 pcs young kaffir lime leave - slice
2 tablespoon lime juice
1 spoonfull sugar
salt to taste

Peel off mango skin and rub harshly over the grater making a coarse lining thin slices. Soak in ice water for a while, drain off.
Pound the pre-fried dried chilly with belacan until fine. Put aside. In the same pounder stone, pound the grated cocunut until fine, too. Mix both paste to the stripped manggo and mix well with salt , sugar, lime juice, kaffir lime leaf and pounded shrimp. Kerabu Mangga should taste sour, sweet and hot.

Kerabu Mempelam by MIL

2 unripped mango( hard and yellowish inside )- slice thinly
1 cucumber- slice thinly
1 ripe tomato, take out the seed, chop finely
2 spoonful anchovies - fried till crispy
8 bird-ey…

Nasi Lemak , Sambal Udang

Homemade nasi lemak with common garnishing ...fried anchovies,fried gound nuts, cucumbers and boiled eggs.Living in Penang,I love papadam in my nasi lemak set...
Dear Anith, this entry is specially for you. Your mom and I usually make nasi lemak by " campak-campak". For your request I carefully measured all the ingredients so it does not "run away" your tastebud. Pity my dear girl drolling of homemade nasi lemak. Try this TokWa's recipy that she usually packed as a "bekal" to work at our padi field in Lubuk Batu. Most of the spices , lemon grass and pandan are for the aroma but don't ask me why we use black pepper corn here. I'd never asked her when she's still alive and I could not reason it out till now. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much and it's my pleasure to share with you and others. Let's take our grannies recipi as a family treasure and don't forget, recite al-Fatihah for all of them before you cook...that is cook with love.…

Marble Chocolate Cheese Cake

My first of this kind...just few pieces left for snapshot!

180 g butter
170 castor sugar
3 eggs

120 g all purpose flour
1.5 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
20 g cocoa powder

250 g cream cheese
60 g castor sugar
1 teasponn vanilla essence
1 egg

Sift ingredient B all together

Mixture A: Beat butter and sugar till fluffy, then add egg one by one - beat after each addition. Pour in the flour slowly and mix using wooden spatula until the batter is well incorporated.

Mixture C: in another bowl, mix all ingredient C and blend together until fluffy.

Line the square tin with baking paper, extend over 2 sides. Drop 3-4 large spoonfuls of mixture A to cover the whole first layer, then pour mixture C in a single layer over mixture C. Finish off with mixture A. Make sure the mixture is well spread evenly.
Bake for 50-60 min in 160 degree. Cool off completely before cutting.

Rendang Raya

Special thing of this rendang because it is simple. Another for its prominent balance of hot and sweet taste. My late mother purposely split the dish into two portions and put more sugar in one so kids could take it with ketupat. I remember those yester years helping her pounding ingredients started with the galangal followed by the finely chopped lemon grasss to a very fine paste. Aruah is working on the pre-boiled dried chilles and unions with batu giling....then both hers and my portion is mixed with santan over the stove.
It's easy to cook. No oil, no saute', no kerisik ; just blend and boil. I made this rendang for both Eids during those years studying abroad. Nowadays I had no chance to serve it as a Raya dish as to give away to other fancies and highly demanded rendang made my sister on my side and my MIL.

My Rendang Raya goes well with pulut, not the white rice . I usually made this rendang in a small scale to celebrate the completion of puasa enam. This year, we had i…

Kuih Makmur

Ini adalah salah satu kuih hantaran pertunangan dari pihak cik Abang pada 5 Syawal 14.... Awwww... nostalgia. Bukan di sini cinta ku pada kuih ini bermula...tapi sejak kecil. Bila dewasa, inilah kuih wajib setiap raya. Bukan sedikit, ada lah kira-kira 2 kilo tepung di gentel untuk di bagi pada adik beradik. Tidak termasuk tempahan yang bertambah dari tahun ke tahun. Proses membuatnya leceh. Bermula dari menggoreng tepung sampai terasa licin ditangan macam tepung ubi. Ini lah rahsia makmur yang baik. Saya rela menggoreng sendiri kacang tanah, mengupas kulit dan menumbuk dengan lesung batu untuk inti yang lunak. Saya ingin miliki lesung yang di buat dari kayu jati yang biasa di guna untuk mengisar somtam. Agak nya nanti kerja menumbuk kacang lebih cepat kerana lesung itu besar....

500 gram minyak sapi tulin
1 kg tepung gandum - di goreng tanpa minyak

300 gram kacang tanah - goreng dan tumbuk sampai hancur

Gula aising
Cawan kertas yang kecil

It does Matter......

Copied from Cikgu Sue Suria ( dengan izin)
----- Original Message ----From: sue suria
Subject: : Air tangan orang yang tidak solat

TIME boring2 tak ada email masuk ni jalan2 kat internet ni jumpa article ni dari media muslim...renung2kan lah..nak tambah sikit aja dari article di bawah katanya betapa beratnya solat...tambah sikit berat hanya pada mereka2 yang tidak beriman.....

Air Tangan Orang Yang Tidak Solat

Semua orang tahu bahawa kalau meninggalkan solat tu, adalah dosa besar, dan malahan lebih hina drpd khinzir.. Betapa hinanya kita kalau meninggalkan solat spt yg dikisahkan pd zaman NabiMusa A.S
Begini kisahnya... pada zaman Nabi Musa, ada seorang lelaki yg sudah berumahtangga , dia tak de zuriat lalu, terdetik dlm hati dia (nazar), "kalau aku dpt anak, aku akan minum air kencing anjing hitam." Nak dijadikan cerita, Allah pun kurniakan isteri si lelaki tadi pun hamil dan melahirkan anak. Bila dah dpt anak, laki ni pun runsinglah.. . Dia dah nazar nak kena minum ai…

Almond and Carrot Cake

In this recipe, sugar is halves from its original version of my foster mother Maryam O'Keefe. She would served this cake with evening chamomile tea, to me a really "teh kosong" because the taste is very mild at almost no aroma! That's explain why she made this cake very sweet and showered with a layer of sugar paste on top.

80 g whole almond - toasted and pound coarsely
1 stick of carrot / 250 g - grated coarsely
1 orange - grated for its rind only
160 g butter
100 g sugar
5 egg yolk
5 white eggs
40 g castor sugar

200 g all purpose flour
1.5 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon bicarbonate sodium
50 ml milk

Pre heat to 180 C. Cream butter and castor sugar (B) until fluffy. Add in egg yolk one by one and beat well after each addition. Add in sifted flour altenately with milk until mixture is well combined. Put in "A" ingredient and mix well with wooden spatula. Set aside with the mixing bowl covered.
In another dry bowl, beat the egg…

Steamed Fruitcakes

the story:
it was a time when I was newly married, I tasted this kind of cake and I asked for the recipe, unfortunately not everyone is willing to share . Longing for long, I had finally found it in and tested it... Whoaaa.... the four hours steaming is worthwhile...thanks rnet....

Sumber : Norazie

600g Tepung gandum [ambil segenggam asingkan]
2 tin butter golden churn atau yg sama berat = 680g
600g gula pasir [bahagi 2 - 300g utk gula hangus
800g-1kg mix fruit
1 st serbuk buah pala
2 st bikarbonat of soda
2 st cream of tartar
Esen limau setengah botol
Telur A - 5 biji [kalau B- 8 biji]*
kertas minyak utk alas loyang*
aluminium foil utk tutup loyang

Cara Membuatnya
Panaskan kukus - air hampir penuh.
Masukkan butter, gula 300g, esen limau , pukul hingga kembang.Masukkan telur satu persatu. Pukul agak2 dah rata, cukup.
Ayak tepung gandum + bikarbonat + cream of tartar + serbuk buah pala.
Masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit ke dlm adunan telur ta…

Baulu Lapis

Baulu… antara kuih nostalgia yang paling aku ingat dan tak pernah jemu dengan keunikan rasanya. Aruah mak pakar baulu. Rangup di luar tapi isi dalam nya lembut membelai tekak. Mak buat baulu dengan telur itik, tapi katanya baulu dari telur ayam lebih enak. Seingat aku kecil-kecil lagi sudah diajar menginjut telur dalam pasu besar. Tak pernah pula menyalin resepi. Setelah mak tiada, barulah aku mengerah ingatan membina catatan ini….
Resepi asas baulu boleh di perlbagai. Baulu biasanya di bakar dalam acuan ikan atau pun cermai; jika di kukus menjadi Apon Betawi , di bakar nipis dan di gulung selapis jem menjadi Bualu Gulung aka Swiss Roll. Aku cuba lapiskan antara jem dan buah-buahan kering…saja-saja untuk kelainan…Mak suka…pesannya, lain kali kurangkan gula, baru terasa manisnya buah.



10 biji telur
1 camt esen vanila
2-3 helai daun limau purut muda
secubit kapur makan
3 cawan gula
3 cawan tepung gandum
Jem nenas. / strawberi
Halwa kundur,/prune, di hiris nipis.