Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fried Mee with Sesame Seed

I learned this recipi from a Korean friend. Definitely this is not of the original from her culture but as one I practiced cooking hands-on, and then enjoyed a great meal together with some new friends. That was then ...I don't like cooking. As time goes by a skill acquired as they said practice makes it perfect.

What had strike my memory with her today - I do not know but I should make this quick simple dish for dinner tonite! ...and post pics later....

(Serving for 5 with second helping)
600g yellow mee
1/2 cup sesame seed
2 tsb sesame oil
1/2 cup oil
5 garlic
1/2 cup water
4-5 soy sauce
2 camb sugar, salt

300 g prawn - shelled and cleaned
3 red chillies - deseed, slice thinly
3 stalk green union - cut appoximately 2 cm
2 tofu cake - dice
150 g mushroom - chop coarsely
1 red cupsicum - dice
1 celery stalk - dice

Fry sesame seed in a warm wok (without oil) until it turns yellowish - cool off aside. Pound lightly.
Mix both oil in a cup, put half of it in the pre-heated wok, saute the garlic then add in prawn and red chilly. Stir for 2-3 minutes. Dish out and keep aside.
With the remaining oil in the work, fry tofu cake until light brown then dish out.
Pour the balance of oil into the same work and fry the remaining veggies for 2 minutes to maintain them crispy. Add in water, soy sauce and mee then mix them well. Season with sugar and salt to taste. Cover work for 5- 6 minutes then fold in the prawn and tofu. Sprinkle the sesame seed and serve warm.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ketupat Pulut Hitam

I will go as far as needed to reach ketupat for Hari Raya.
For years I was taking easy way barter trading ketupat with kuih raya or chocolate cake with all my four sister-in-laws. No shortcut in making own ketupat. Tedious!

The challenging part is wrapping the half-cooked glutinous rice in cone of pre-opened palas palm leave and weaving it in a firm motion to make a triangle shape with a tie knot at the end. I would lost the skill if not faded out over the years.
So I told darling to get palas licuala from night market and I want to make my own ketupat. "He he ... ya ka?". That chicky exclamation burn-up my fire! See ...it's not that bad after all for my first five pieces:).
I prefer the black ketupat for a different taste and a vibrant purple color. Like the white ketupat palas, it best eaten with rendang or serunding. For me eating it on it's own is a reward itself.

600g white glutinous rice
300g black glutinous rice
1 kg thick coconut milk (A)
1.5 kg dilutes coconut milk (B)
5 pandan leave - knotted
50-60 pcs palas leave- opened and straightened up and wipe off the husk.

1. Soak the rice in 2 seperate bowls. The black rice shold take longer soaking that the normal rice. Wash the rice under running water until clean. Drip off excess water in the colander
2. Heat coconut milk (B) with knotted pandan leave and a little salt in large or kuali until it begin to simmers. Add the black rice first and stir countinously until coconut milk desolved.
3. Add the coconut milk (B) and plain glutinous rice and stir continuously until the rice is half cooked. For extra flavour, add boiled salt to the mixture and stir. Leave to cool.
4. Make a cone shape from the palas leave and place a small portion of the cooled glutinous rice and fill up the cone then wave the leave into a triangular shape.
5. Arrange in a big pot and fill up water to immerse all the wrapped ketupat. Boil with ocassional stirring and leave it until cooked. Cooked glutinous rice is usually quite soft when pressed.
Note: to improves ; I use rice cooker to cook by the same method.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Kerabu Mangga

Kerabu Manga by my Mother

2 unripped mango( hard and yellowish inside )
3 spoonful dried shrimp-cleaned, fried withouy oil, pounded coarsely
4 spoonful grated coconut - white only
2-3 dried chilly ; deseed & fry without oil, pound coarsely
1/4 teaspoon shrimp paste ( belacan )
1 pcs young kaffir lime leave - slice
2 tablespoon lime juice
1 spoonfull sugar
salt to taste

Peel off mango skin and rub harshly over the grater making a coarse lining thin slices. Soak in ice water for a while, drain off.
Pound the pre-fried dried chilly with belacan until fine. Put aside. In the same pounder stone, pound the grated cocunut until fine, too. Mix both paste to the stripped manggo and mix well with salt , sugar, lime juice, kaffir lime leaf and pounded shrimp. Kerabu Mangga should taste sour, sweet and hot.

Kerabu Mempelam by MIL

2 unripped mango( hard and yellowish inside )- slice thinly
1 cucumber- slice thinly
1 ripe tomato, take out the seed, chop finely
2 spoonful anchovies - fried till crispy
8 bird-eyed chilly ( green coloured)- slice
1 stick bunga kantan, slice thinly
1 spoonfull sugar
salt to taste
lime juice

Mix all the ingredient in a bowl and season to taste.
Serve with white rice and "Wrapped Egg" aka Kai Sayat

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nasi Lemak , Sambal Udang

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Homemade nasi lemak with common garnishing ...fried anchovies,fried gound nuts,
cucumbers and boiled eggs.Living in Penang,I love papadam in my nasi lemak set...

Dear Anith,
this entry is specially for you. Your mom and I usually make nasi lemak by " campak-campak". For your request I carefully measured all the ingredients so it does not "run away" your tastebud. Pity my dear girl drolling of homemade nasi lemak. Try this TokWa's recipy that she usually packed as a "bekal" to work at our padi field in Lubuk Batu. Most of the spices , lemon grass and pandan are for the aroma but don't ask me why we use black pepper corn here. I'd never asked her when she's still alive and I could not reason it out till now. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much and it's my pleasure to share with you and others. Let's take our grannies recipi as a family treasure and don't forget, recite al-Fatihah for all of them before you cook...that is cook with love....
Salam sayang,

The recipy : Nasi Lemak

500 g rice
50 g glutinous rice
600 fresh santan or substitute with 500ml water + 100 g thick packed santan
salt to taste
2 star anise
2-3 inches cinnamon stick
10 pcs black pepper corn - dont crush!
4 shallots - slice thinly
1 stick lemon grass - pound coarsely
20 g ginger - slice thinly
1 daun pandan - cut into 3 pcs

Wash both rice together. Pour in santan and add in all ingredients in a rice cooker. Set in cook mood , after 5 minutes add in salt to taste. Stir to allow santan evenly covered the rice.
Close the lid till rice is cooked and fluffy.

The Recipy: Sambal Tumis Udang
500 gm prawn
(cut off tips of the head. Use sharp scissors to cut along the shell, then take the black thread out)
1 big union - slice crosswise
½ cup tamarind juice
2-3 shallot - slice thinly
Sugar, salt to taste

Blend to a fine paste:
20 dried chillies - deseed and pre-boil
10 - 13 shallots
1 cm x 2 cm shrimp paste ( belacan)

Heat oil in a wok and fry sliced shallots until lightly brown . In the hot oil, carefully pour the chilly paste and fry until fragrants. Add in tamarind juice and sugar and salt to taste. Bring the gravy to boil and well cooked then you may add in the prawns. Cover the wok to make prawn cooks tenderly. When gravy is thickened, sprinkle the sliced big union. Fold carefully, remove from stove and set aside when the prawns are completely change in colour.