Sunday, February 10, 2008

Steamed Fish alaThai


1 fish - white promfret
1 inch young ginger
7 pcs bird chillies -chopped
10 garlics ( put aside 3 pcs - chopped)
1 bulb big union
1 big tomato - quartered
3 pcs preserved plum
garnishing - green union- chopped
fish sauce
salt, sugar

Steam the fish with 7bulb of garlics, chopped ginger, chillies, preserved plum, salt and sugar.
When it's done, take out clear soup from the fish and put aside.

Saute chopped garlics until fragrants. Pour in the soup, add lime and fish sauce and bring to boil. Add hot water if the soup is too thick. Put in tomatoes and big union ( and chopped cucumbar- option) and simmer for 2 minutes. The soup should taste sour, sweet, salty and hot!
Arrange fish in shallow plate, then pour in the soup together with all veggeies.


mak farhah said...

sodapnya ikan steam ni, lamo btui x mkn y sedap22 n ppedassss.
kena pi cari ikan ler weekend niii

cikMilah said...

ikan salmon pun sodap! Letak asam lebih skit kasi itu bau hilang...Selamat mencuba...:)