Friday, April 25, 2008

Fish and Shrimp Otak-otak

Watch out friends, this is not of that traditional otak-otak recepi. The idea of stuffing mashed dori and shrimp into crab shell came from my dear husband that I'm sure he perfected so well for my birthday dinner. The texture is smooth and the taste of shrimp and dori are attained as not much herbs in use. I like its simplicity.

He use:
2 pcs dori fillet ( from supermarket frozen box)
250 g de-shelled fresh shrimp + few drops of juice from half a lime
5-6pcs daun kaduk - shredded
1 table spoon tapioca flour
3 table spoon grated coconut - blend finely
tumeric leaf ( cut across its length about 2 inches/pc)
salt, sugar to taste
6-7 crab shell, clean up inside out

Blend dori fillet and shrimp in electric blender into a lumpy paste. Add in pre-pounded coconut, lemongrass, tapioca flour salt and sugar. Lastly mix in the shredded daun kaduk.
Lay one pc of cut tumeric leaf inside crab shell. Stuffed in the mixture to fill up the shell then cover it with another piece of tumeric leave. Arrange in steamer and let it cook well.


Mama Numiyn said...

Kulit ketam isi ngan ikan & udang.. isi ketam buat apa plak? Happy birthday Kakcik.

cikMilah said...

Thank Mama numiyn. Isi ketam di buat salad campur pudina, timun racik, perahan lemon dan minyak zaitun. tabur sikit lada hitam dan bawang besar...Itu yang cik abang buat....