Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mini Chicken Pie

The idea for this recipe is taken from Saji February 2006; originally Pai Ayam dan Cendawan. I had ommitted quite fews due to inavailability of kitchen inventory! Did this pix tells you the difference, eh!
Iused half of the original recipe to make four of this size.
250g flour
100g margarine
80g pastry margarine
1 egg
2 tbsp fresh milk.

2 chicken breath -diced
2 potato
1/2 carrot 1 big union
spring union
3 tbsp green pea (canned)
2 tbsp curry powder + 2 tbsp water , mix to a paste.
salt and pepper to taste.
2 shallot
1 garlic

Praboil potato and carrot with skin to a half cooked. Take off from water and de-skin, then dice to a smal cubes. Cut spring union to a 1cm length.
Saute the chopped shallots & garlic. Add in curry paste and stir until fragrants, then add in chicken and praboil carrot and potatoes. Simmer until all ingredient well coated and add in green pea, chopped big union and spring union. Mix well and cook until it becomes lumpy. Take out off fire, set aside to cool off.
Mix flour, margarine and pastry margarine to a crumb then add in egg and milk then continue to knead until dough is smooth.
Roll the dough to a 2-3mm thin pastry sheet, cut and lye it in a small pie mold. Put in the stuffing and top of with another pastry sheet. Press the edge to secure the stuffing inside. Poke with fork and brush with egg yolk before its ready to be bake in 180C for 30-35 minutes oven.

Original Recipe ( translated)
Mushroom and Chicken Pie

500gn flour
200g butter
2 eggs
125 ml freah milk
10gm salt

60gm diced chicken
60gm green pea
60gm shallot
60gm garlic
100g button mushroon
2 pcs bay leaf
100ml milk
50ml cooking oil
chilly powder


mamafami said...

Waduh sedapnya la tengok Chicken Pie ni...

Kak Elle said...

pak-kal oven di sini tu moguk kalau tak mmg akan mencuba nya:)

Min said...

Cik Milah..tengok gambar tu terus jadi lapar, rajin betul masak.

Ana said...

hmmm so yummy la kak cik...ur chicken pie

Ana said... yummy la ur chicken pie kak cik..

~SelfAppointedObserver~ said...


i tried the same pie last wednesday. wonderful! will try yours tonite.