Monday, November 12, 2012

Ayam Golek Express ( edited)

School holiday.... we always have string of friends an relative hopping by. My cousin stopped by for R n R at our house on their way to Penang. We were on they way back from Queensbay Mall when they called. The brigde was clear from one end to another but them we saw a terrible traffic blotted before the entrance of Penang Bridge toll both as police force is making roadblock after the toll. . Hubby asked them to wait for us to reach home and said they will miss the maghrib prayer in the queue then suggesting them to make a move from our house after the prayer and to cross to Penang after that.

I started thinking of what to serve them for dinner! Ideally I had de-frosted the whole chicken as I was planning to marinate it overnight for tomorrow's lunch. Now I had to change recipe. There we go...

1 whole chicken
1 packet rempah kurma
3 table spoon full chilly powder
1 table spoon cumin powder
salt and sugar to taste
2 pre-boiled egg
4 sausages
220 ml thick santan
1 cup water
1 bullbs of big union - slice
3 bulbs of garlics - chopped

Saute union and garlics until browning.
Mixed all the spices plus the seasoning to a thick paste and fry them with the union.
Add in the santan and water to the spices and let it simmers.

Cut sausages into 2 and put to boil.
When the sausages is half-cooked then take out and put aside

Stuff in the chicken with 1 egg ( to block the front opening )
Stuff up the sausages inside the chicken and close off with another egg. Tie the leg together.

Dip the whole chicken in the wok with the gravy covered about half of the chicken. Cover the wok. After each 4-5 minutes turn the chicken alternately. At the same time, spoon up the gravy and bath it on the chicken trepeatedly and cover the wok all the time. Cook for 35-40 minutes until the spice coats to the chicken and left the excess oil in the wok.

Take out from work and put to oven. Grill until the skin turn out browning.
Serve with poached vegetable.

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