Monday, October 22, 2007

Rendang Raya

Special thing of this rendang because it is simple. Another for its prominent balance of hot and sweet taste. My late mother purposely split the dish into two portions and put more sugar in one so kids could take it with ketupat. I remember those yester years helping her pounding ingredients started with the galangal followed by the finely chopped lemon grasss to a very fine paste. Aruah is working on the pre-boiled dried chilles and unions with batu giling....then both hers and my portion is mixed with santan over the stove.
It's easy to cook. No oil, no saute', no kerisik ; just blend and boil. I made this rendang for both Eids during those years studying abroad. Nowadays I had no chance to serve it as a Raya dish as to give away to other fancies and highly demanded rendang made my sister on my side and my MIL.

My Rendang Raya goes well with pulut, not the white rice . I usually made this rendang in a small scale to celebrate the completion of puasa enam. This year, we had it with pulut kuning for my husband's birthday today...Dushhh.... it went out fast before I could snap a photo ....My girl said this rendang is not very special but later seen her scooping another bowl and eat it just like that...he he he...
Rendang Raya

600 gram lean meat
1 inch galangal
20 dried chillies
3 lemon grass
20 small unions
600 ml thick santan
1 tumeric leave
2 pandan leaves
sugar , salt to taste

How to do?...

Diced the lean meat to small pieces.
Clean and cut to small pieces of all ingredient B then blend all together to a fine paste.
Mix together santan and the paste and bring to boil. As the santan begins to bubble, put in the meat ,and tumeric powder. Cover with tumeric leave, pandan leave. Cook on slow fire and stir occasionally. Add in sugar and salt to taste. Note that this is not a dry rendang . It's done when the gravy turns thick and meat is well coated.


ween said...

Salam cikmilah, nice blog you have here, boleh lah ween try resepi2 kat sini :) *dah lama nak try mee kari*

cikMilah said...

Waalaikum salam Ween,
ibarat kata...skema jer blog ni...
"buah cempedak di luar pagar
Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah.
Sila lah cuba mee kari...