Friday, November 9, 2007

Kerabu Mangga

Kerabu Manga by my Mother

2 unripped mango( hard and yellowish inside )
3 spoonful dried shrimp-cleaned, fried withouy oil, pounded coarsely
4 spoonful grated coconut - white only
2-3 dried chilly ; deseed & fry without oil, pound coarsely
1/4 teaspoon shrimp paste ( belacan )
1 pcs young kaffir lime leave - slice
2 tablespoon lime juice
1 spoonfull sugar
salt to taste

Peel off mango skin and rub harshly over the grater making a coarse lining thin slices. Soak in ice water for a while, drain off.
Pound the pre-fried dried chilly with belacan until fine. Put aside. In the same pounder stone, pound the grated cocunut until fine, too. Mix both paste to the stripped manggo and mix well with salt , sugar, lime juice, kaffir lime leaf and pounded shrimp. Kerabu Mangga should taste sour, sweet and hot.

Kerabu Mempelam by MIL

2 unripped mango( hard and yellowish inside )- slice thinly
1 cucumber- slice thinly
1 ripe tomato, take out the seed, chop finely
2 spoonful anchovies - fried till crispy
8 bird-eyed chilly ( green coloured)- slice
1 stick bunga kantan, slice thinly
1 spoonfull sugar
salt to taste
lime juice

Mix all the ingredient in a bowl and season to taste.
Serve with white rice and "Wrapped Egg" aka Kai Sayat

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