Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nasi Lemak , Sambal Udang

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Homemade nasi lemak with common garnishing ...fried anchovies,fried gound nuts,
cucumbers and boiled eggs.Living in Penang,I love papadam in my nasi lemak set...

Dear Anith,
this entry is specially for you. Your mom and I usually make nasi lemak by " campak-campak". For your request I carefully measured all the ingredients so it does not "run away" your tastebud. Pity my dear girl drolling of homemade nasi lemak. Try this TokWa's recipy that she usually packed as a "bekal" to work at our padi field in Lubuk Batu. Most of the spices , lemon grass and pandan are for the aroma but don't ask me why we use black pepper corn here. I'd never asked her when she's still alive and I could not reason it out till now. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much and it's my pleasure to share with you and others. Let's take our grannies recipi as a family treasure and don't forget, recite al-Fatihah for all of them before you cook...that is cook with love....
Salam sayang,

The recipy : Nasi Lemak

500 g rice
50 g glutinous rice
600 fresh santan or substitute with 500ml water + 100 g thick packed santan
salt to taste
2 star anise
2-3 inches cinnamon stick
10 pcs black pepper corn - dont crush!
4 shallots - slice thinly
1 stick lemon grass - pound coarsely
20 g ginger - slice thinly
1 daun pandan - cut into 3 pcs

Wash both rice together. Pour in santan and add in all ingredients in a rice cooker. Set in cook mood , after 5 minutes add in salt to taste. Stir to allow santan evenly covered the rice.
Close the lid till rice is cooked and fluffy.

The Recipy: Sambal Tumis Udang
500 gm prawn
(cut off tips of the head. Use sharp scissors to cut along the shell, then take the black thread out)
1 big union - slice crosswise
½ cup tamarind juice
2-3 shallot - slice thinly
Sugar, salt to taste

Blend to a fine paste:
20 dried chillies - deseed and pre-boil
10 - 13 shallots
1 cm x 2 cm shrimp paste ( belacan)

Heat oil in a wok and fry sliced shallots until lightly brown . In the hot oil, carefully pour the chilly paste and fry until fragrants. Add in tamarind juice and sugar and salt to taste. Bring the gravy to boil and well cooked then you may add in the prawns. Cover the wok to make prawn cooks tenderly. When gravy is thickened, sprinkle the sliced big union. Fold carefully, remove from stove and set aside when the prawns are completely change in colour.


Kak Elle said...

cikmilah ni saya dtg nak tumpang makan sesama...hehe

actually memasak ni campak2 lagi bagus kan?selalu nya saya bagi exact recipe kekawan selalu kata tak sama saperti saya buat!!yg sebenar nya semua ni ikut tangan masing2 kan?

cikMilah said...

Eeee, happy nya KakElle datang....:)), sila lah sila..

Betul tu.. kata orang air tangan kita tak sama...Some people are just born to cook ! Campak apa pun sedap jer jadinya..