Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sambal Serai Daging

Alia asked if we still have meat stocked in the fridge. Oh yes,dear. She has a very diplomatic ways of asking if she wants me to cook something.... Rasa nak makan ketupat... Oh hoo...This week I didn't prepare meal regularly. If prepared them beakfast,lunch will be fast-food. Dinner is just bought from a nearby food court. Both of us losing foot and hand to those hustle and bustle on few functions, school registration , ecetera, ecetera....She had surely missed home cook.
I had de-frosted meat before off to zzzzzzzzz...and had also put instant ketupat in rice cooker last nite. Simple work this morning, before 7am, breakfast is served.

450 g meat - slice thinly in small pieces
3 table spoon tamarind juice
oil, salt, sugar
Blend finely:
20 pcs dried chillies
3 big union
2 bulbs garlic
4 lemon grass

Heat the oil and fry blended chillies until fragrant. Put in meat. Stir regularly. Cover and cook until tender then add in tamarind juice, salt and sugar to taste. Take off from stove when the gravy coats to meat.
Good with ketupat or simply white rice, bread or coloured rice.

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