Monday, November 10, 2008

Mee Bandung Tulang

1 kg yellow mew - blanced and strained

1 kg. bones with bits of meat intact
300 gram chunky meat
2 cm ginger
1 pandan leaf cur into 3 portions

for chilly paste; blend all together
10 unions
8 dried chillies
1" shrimp paste

for soup ticker:
300 g sweet potato - boil until soft and mashed finely
1 small can tomato paste
1 or 2 tamarind skin

Boil egg - quartered
Spring union
fresh red chillies
green veggie - blanched
fried unions
chunky meat - shredded.

To make a soup base, saute 1 portion of union and garlic in a big pot until frag rants, then add 1 liter water together with and bones and chunky meat and ginger. Cover the pot and let it boiling. ( used pressure cooker for this process)
Let it cooling off...
Meanwhile yo may blend all ingredients for chilly paste.
In a large pot, saute the second portion of union and garlic then add in chilly paste and cook until oil disperse. Stir occasionally . Keep aside the chunky meat then pour in soup and bones and keep boiling.
Add in mashed potato, tomato paste and tamarind skin.
If you like it thicker ; dissolve 3 tbsp of cornstarch in a water and add in while it's boilling. Add in salt and sugar to yr taste and ready to serve.


Jun said...

cikmilah...sedap nyerrr

aNIe said...

Cik milah...nampak sedap aje mee bandung tu...Yummmyyyyy

D said...

ni memang favourite saya... tapi tak nak buat, nak makan cik milah punya boleh?? ;)

ummi said...

Weee...sedapnya mee ni cik milah..bak semangkuk..mengancam tul!

bicara hati said...

nak skettt..

cikMilah said...

To Jun: :) - kalau JUn masak lagi yummilicious... bandung tulang ni saya suka sbb boleh gigit tulang....

D,...sila-sila.. he he he

Ummi.. bebaik... koyak diet tu.. he he heh

Bicara hati..
raya haji ni kita buat nak?
sedap wooo....