Sunday, October 4, 2009

Makmur lagi..ulangtayang

Makmur is my best seller for Raya each years. In 2007 I used to switch to blended ghee but one of my regular customers, a makcik from Permatang Pasir phone up and said.."makmur hang tak sama macam tahun lepaih punya..."
Ok Makcik.. OK...
Since than I sticked to PURE GHEE no matter at what price it is tagged. I had 2 versions this year. One is the ordinary oblong and this round makmur is made in that SNOW BALL technique with peanut and almond nib inside.

Ingredients are as simple as ghee and all purpose floor but the making is here for the recipe

All year long offer is available at RM22/50pcs - price will be increased as PURE GHEE price heads up....