Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making chocolate outdoor...jomm!

My team and I had made more than a thousand of chocolate dip fruit in 3 hours. That was a fast grab at our Terbuka Raya Open House at work. We had overwhelming support from Manufacturing Specialist who came to help voluntarily. What a fun event we had and it's a free hands-on lesson to them. They had amazed me with their talent!
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I taught them simple method to do chocolate outdoor. Regret that I didn't take any photo to show you how do we open fire outside the Security Office..hahaha. Too busy then. InsyaAllah, I will be coming back later with step by step picture for you to visualize  the "how to".  I just use a portable stove to heat the water in a stainless steel bowl before tempering the couverture. Melting chocolate is not an issue but how do I make it hardened without a refrigerator . OK ..let us see my step by step tips...

What I had for dipping was;
A good quality milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
Nyonya Lim was having her eye blinking seeing me paying for that real chocolate! Yes dear, quality comes with price.I used Sicao brand Milk and Dark Classic. Apparently we dip sweet in dark and sour in milk
Get the logic of having 2 types of chocolate?

Lots and lots of strawberries, kiwis, seedless grapes, marshmallows and cherry name a few. I should have banana, tiny mini doughnut, oreos..just to add verieties..
Except the marshmallow; bring all fruits to a good rinse and pat to dry. Insert stick carefully to each fruits.

Stainless steel bowl for melting chocolate

A very cold ice water in a bowl

Trays to arrange the chocolate output.

The How To:
Melt the chocolate in a dry stainless steel bowl over a pot/flask of hot water. Stir thoroughly until it is melting and  it turns into a smooth shining chocolate paste.
Dip the fruits individually in chocolate and shake the excess.
Dip in that cold water ..yes..into the icy cold water for 1-2 minutes...let it hardened.
Take out from water and it;s done!


Neeza Shahril said...

Salam Kak Chik.... lepas ni Ja tahu dah kat mana nak cari resepi ;).

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

my oh my...u made it sounded so's easy!

tabik spring toing...toing toing...!!!

cikMilah said...

Waalaikum salam Ja..taks for dropping by.Rasnya nak maintain blog ni saja kot. All stories will be here..:)

cikMilah said...

Sha, it s indeed as easy as 1 2 3!!! tak caya, cuba try test!