Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mee Hainan

Another simple-dish-all-in-at-one-go for a busy mom cooking a balance diet meal in a hurry ...!
I deep fried one yee mee at a time and placed it in a plate. Fried an egg and put next to the mee. In a separate pot, sautee 8-10 bulbs of chopped garlics until browning and fragrant. Take out half of the garlic and the oil, put aside. Pour water into the pot and bring to boil. Throw in all (veggies, meat, seafood) until the soup boil again, then add in salt & sugar to taste. Dash in pepper if you like.

To serve: Put a little bit of oyster sauce on the mee, scoop in the ingredients and top it to the mee, then garnish with fried garlics (and its oil if you like) Finally, pour the boiling soup, yee mee will automatically soften...stir evenly then ... Bismillah...

(For 4 serving plates)
Clear soup;
2 cups plain water
salt and sugar to taste

Suggested ingredients:
chicken meat - diced
prawn - peel off head and skin
squid - cut
fish cake - sliced
sawi - cut
carrot- sliced
baby corn

Egg (fried)
Oyster sauce
If you like it hot you may try this:
few bird chillies, clean and cut. Pour hot water to it, drain, then soak in in warm water. Add in 2 tbsp vinegar. Ready to serve.

Options to replace yee mee:
white rice or mee hoon


tulipurple said...

sis nie pun otai dapo gak mcm kak elle ngan mklang ek...dasat aaa!
yee mee ni che bley makan kan?esok nk p market,leh aa cari bahan2nye.
esok kalu sy kene dok penang,nak berjiran ngan sis lah...hehe,tak dpt mkn dpt bau pun jadilah...hehe

cikMilah said...

mano ado yang...akak masak campak2 yo. Janganla disamakan dengan kakElle&Maklang glamor kita tu. Kita ni tukang cuba resepi depa...
No problem, kalau berjiran alangkah best nya...