Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homemade Chocholate Making Class in Penang

Hi sweetie cutie friends....
finally, we could launch our first class that will commence on

29 March (10am -5pm)-RM200
Venue: PG Cake Craft, KOMTAR Penang
Location: above KFC
Instructor: Pn Zarina & Pn Jamilah

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PG CakeCraft will be conducting a chocolate making class at our center on the 29th March 2009 from 10.00am to 5.00pm. Course fee is RM200.00 which is inclusive of lunch, 250gm of couverture and compound chocolate for you to take home and practice moulding the chocolate.

As a bonus for attending this class, our students will be given some samples of chocolate made with real Belgian Chocolate!Join our chocolate making class and see how easy it is to make your own chocolate if you know the correct technique. This is a real chance for you to develop your creative side to make delicious and addictive chocolate with mouth watering praline fillings.
You can make your own moulded chocolate to give as gifts for ‘hantaran’, valentine’s day, birthday or for any special occasion.Our chocolate making class takes you through an in-depth curriculum on chocolate making because at PG CakeCraft, we believe in understanding the products before working with it.

The following topics will be covered in our chocolate making module:

* a brief history on chocolate and the production various type of chocolate like dark, milk and white couvertue, compound and Belgian chocolate.

* Chocolate making process and techniques

* tempering chocolate without using tempering equipment

* moulding chocolate in creative designs

* marbling

* making dipping chocolate for strawberries

* delicious praline filling recipesd

*gianduja chocolate which is a European style of chocolate made from chocolate and nut paste. (will also be taught in our module)

* name & address of chocolate suppliers to get you started to make homemade chocolatef

* packing, pricing and marketing plan of your homemade chocolate

Please register by paying RM50.00 as deposit and email to my co-partner the details

Name : Zareena Begum Binti Mohamed Ghani

Bank : CIMBAccount No : 0713-0016569-52-5

Class is limited to 10 students per session with 2 instructors . So book early to avoid disappointment!


Neeza Shahril said...

alahaii.. terasa nak makan coklat lah pulak..
ish.. mana nak carik ni...
kak cik hulurkan sikit.. hehehe..

Kmal said...

Salam cmilah...suka kmal tgk bentuk2 choc tu lebih2 lg yg mcm cupcake..tu..cute..
re: t/kasih singgah fp kmal...nanti kalau balik..lalu hutan kampung..jemput le singgah rumah..jgn le segan2..

Jun said...

amboi cikmilah...dah blaja wat ceklat plak ni...nnti leh la jd sifu kita plak..hehe

Min said...

ya Allah... sedapnye tengok... kat sini tak beranilah nak beli coklat, kena tgk betul2 bahan2 yg diorang boh. nant balik malaysia nak kena berguru nih...

ummi said...

Salam Cikmilah..lama akak x jenguk sini, rupanya dah jadi toke cokelat pulak dah..meh la kat sini sikit...terliur betuiii...lepas ni naik inci la nmpaknya, kalau selalu buat ni..huhuuu

sha said...

Alah kakcik saya ni dr melaka kalau nk belajar cam ne?

Anonymous said...

any upcoming classes??

Jenny said...

Hi, I'm very interested in learning to make chocolates. Are there any more of these classes happening here in Penang?