Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mini Cheese Tarts


165 g butter

85 g castor sugar

1/2 egg

250 g flour

1 tsb milk powder

1/2 tsp lemon essence

1/2 tp vanilla essence

Making the crust:
Sieve flour and milk powder and set aside.

Whisk butter, sugar, vanilla and lemon essence until fluffy then add in egg and mix well.

Pour in flour then knead to perform dough.
Place in refrigerator for about 10 mins before placing dough in tart's casing and baked.

Tart's filling:

250g cream cheese
60g castor sugar
1 egg
Blueberry and strawberry pie filling

Beat cream cheese, butter and sugar until creamy. Add in egg and mix again.
Spoon or pipe in the filling to the casing then top with the cheese miture

Baked at 180C for 5-6  mins.

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